We organised our first ever outreach event in Corsham: a talk by Sundus Al-Azza from Youth Against Settlements, as part of a UK Tour which included London, Cambridge Liverpool and Edinburgh.

The event took place at the Springfield Centre on the afternoon of Sun 3d March.

Sundus Al-Azza, 25, is a graduate in English from Al Quds Open University.. She grew up in the Tel Rumieda neighbourhood of Hebron (West Bank) and has been a volunteer for YAS for 10 years. She has been arrested by the Israeli forces, attacked by settlers, and has led protests and campaigns in the Hebron community. She is one of six new members of the Steering Committee at YAS
Sundus’s visit to the UK was part of the 10th Open Shuhada Street Campaign and fells on the 25th anniversary of the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre.
Youth Against Settlements is a Palestinian grassroots initiative to promote nonviolent community resistance against the Israeli occupation. The Open Shuhada Street campaign is an annual call to end the closures, restrictions, human rights violations, and occupation in the city of Hebron and all of Palestine.

Some BoAFoP members have spent time in Hebron (“Al-Khalil” in Arabic), and been struck both by the beauty and rich history of this ancient city; and by the particular nature of the occupation and settlement expansion right in the middle of the city. This has had a very deep impact both on the city’s economy and on the daily lives of its residents. So we were very happy about this opportunity for one of Hebron’s own residents to share her story and work in her own words here in Wiltshire.

Despite technical issues on the day, Sundus gave a clear and powerful presentation, speaking about her personal experiences of living under occupation in Hebron, her work as an activist. Sundus made a big impact with our audience which was clearly deeply moved by Sundus and many people asked, either during the Q&A session, or afterwards, what they could do to show solidarity – Sundus and BoAFoP members offered advice and suggestions on how best to do this

Before the event, we took Sundus out for lunch and she tried fish and chips for the first time at Grounded (Corsham).

The event was covered by the Gazette and Herald:


and here is an interview of Sundus on the PSC website:

Interview with Sundus al-Azza: Under Attack from Settlers