Sir Vincent Fean KVCO

Vincent Fean

Vincent Fean spent 38 years in the British Diplomatic Service, including as Consul General in Jerusalem (2010–2014). Now retired from the diplomatic service, he is still actively engaged in work in North Africa and the Middle East, particularly Libya and Israel/Palestine. He is trustee of the renowned charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) and patron of The Britain Palestine Friendship and Twinning Network.

Ibtisam Alzughayyer

A Palestinian educated in Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Jordan, Ibtisam is the founder and director of the award-winning Ghirass Centre (Saplings) which supports children living under the Occupation. In 2002, Ibtisam won a UNESCO award for her remedial work for children and families. She is also an advisor in the Education Department and lectures in universities, helping to ensure traumatised children can grow into successful, well-adjusted adults..

In 2013, Ibtisam visited BoAfoP with the Hakaya group (traditional Palestinian dance) as part of a cultural exchange co-organised with Banes/Bethlehem Link

Lia Tarachansky

An Israeli journalist and filmmaker based in Jaffa, Lia is the Israel/Palestine correspondent for The Real News Network (TRNN) where she produces short documentary-style reports exploring the context behind the news. Her 2013 independent feature documentary On The Side Of The Road (Naretiv Productions), which explores denial in Israeli society, has been screened in Israel, Palestine and around the world – including Bradford on Avon in 2015! That year she also co-directed Ethnocracy in the Promised Land which exposes Israeli policy towards African refugees. Tarachansky’s work is frequently featured in publications such as +972, Mondoweiss, USA today, Al Jazeera and the Huffington Post. Her journalism was profiled in the renowned Max Blumenthal book Goliath.


Judith Hammond (Chair)

A Quaker and retired humanitarian nurse, Judith has lived in Bradford on Avon for many years with her academic husband Geoff.

In 2007, she was a Human Rights Monitor for three months in the West Bank with the Ecumenical Accompanier Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) – and thus became an activist at 65!

She has travelled many times in Palestine, including olive-planting and picking trips; and a fundraising cycle ride last year for MAP.

Her involvement with BoAFoP feeds her passion for working towards a world where mankind is celebrated in all is dignity, variety, equality and humanity.

Ray Packham (Treasurer)

Born toward the end of the war, Ray spent ten years in the British Army before studying law, firstly with local government and then with a building society, before finishing his working life with the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Spending the first three years of retirement touring the country on a narrowboat, he came to BoA on the canal in the spring of 2009, and liked it so much that he sold his boat and stayed. He has been with BoAFoP since its foundation.

When not visiting the country or haranguing others about Palestine, he likes to paint, and sing vaguely risqué songs at the local folk club.

Samiha Abdeldjebar (PT Secretary)

Samiha is French-Algerian and has been living in Wiltshire for the last nine years. She works part-time as a mental health worker; and the rest of her time, she makes films. Her short documentaries include Hakaya Dancing For Palestine, and more recently Wings of Song about a community project in the neighbouring town of Trowbridge. She is currently editing her two latest documentaries, both about Palestine

Samiha travelled to Palestine and Israel for the first time in Spring 2017 (as part of a trip supported by BoAFoP) and found it to be a life-changing experience.

Jemma Mellor

Jemma is 28 years old and has been involved in Palestine since travelling there as a volunteer in September 2013. Since then, she has spent 10 months there as an English teacher, and working on community projects. She also helped to organise the visit of three Palestinians to the UK with Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine.

Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine



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