Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine

Founded in 2013, we are an informal, dynamic group of people based in and around the Wiltshire town of Bradford on Avon. Our committee meets every month and is made up of local people of all ages and backgrounds.

Bradford on Avon is a town with a reputation for principled stances; it has the distinction of having been the first locality in Wiltshire to become a Fairtrade Town, in 2003.

Mission statement

Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine work to hasten the end of the Israeli Occupation through just and peaceful means, that the Palestinian people may enjoy the same freedoms, equal rights and security as the Israelis living in the region.

Our goals are to:

  • highlight the role and special responsibility of Britain in upholding Palestinian rights
  • raise awareness of the context and issues surrounding the situation in Palestine-Israel
  • campaign to end the Occupation, the siege in Gaza, the discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel, and for the Right of Return – in line with human rights and international law
  • promote Palestinian culture and heritage through high-quality cultural events such as concerts, conferences, film evenings
  • share our concerns with UK decision makers – councillors, MPs, government and businesses
  • create partnerships and support projects on the ground in the region
  • collaborate with all those who share our aims – in Britain, Palestine, Israel and other countries.

Bradford on Avon Friends of Palestine



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