Gaza under fire..again (letter published in the Wiltshire Times)

Letter written by Judith Hammond, committee member, and published in the Wiltshire Times in the week of 9th May)

“Gaza is part of Palestine which is independent under international law. What happens in this sensitive area matters to the whole world.

Gazans announced in advance they were to gather, unarmed, for 45 days of peaceful protest alongside the fence that has imprisoned them for 10 years. Protesting at the appalling conditions forced upon them by the Israeli Military: insufficient  clean water, 2 hours electricity a day and a 50% unemployment  rate: their fishermen harassed and allowed to fish only in sewage contaminated waters. 2 million Gazans are trapped inside the wall unable to leave.

On Friday night BBC footage showed Israeli tanks and soldiers firing rubber -coated steel pellets or tear gas at these people resulting in 15 deaths and 350+ injured.

On Saturday morning I was astounded to hear that the Israeli Ambassador, Mark Regev was given free rein to defend the Israeli actions There was not one mention by his interviewer of the crippling siege under which the Gazans live. Context is everything.

Gazans, as have people anywhere, the right to protest against injustice and should be supported, not murdered.

When will the International community awake and compel the Israeli government to end the Occupation? A true friend would condemn not condone its inhumane  policies.

Meanwhile we ordinary people do have the power to help : we can  boycott all things produced in the illegal Israeli settlements, or companies that profit from the Occupation.”



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